Saghar is a Healthcare professional with an Executive MBA with Distinction from Cass Business School, a background in Clinical Embryology and Fetal Medicine, and a track record of combining medical and scientific knowledge with commercial expertise having managed departments both in the NHS and private sectors. She received the Business Woman of the Year Award, for providing an insight into the transformation of UK healthcare management.

Saghar’s background speciality is in Clinical Embryology, and she has an MSc in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis & Fetal Medicine, with over 22 years’ experience of working in the fertility field, including over 10 years spent managing laboratories with prestigious UK fertility clinics.

She has provided expert opinion as a fertility specialist on current topics at the BBC World Service and in a Channel 5 News. Also presenting regularly on fertility issues for the past five years (over 100 episodes), for a TV programme screened by a London-based international satellite channel Manoto TV ( which is viewed by over 20 million viewers worldwide.

Currently, Saghar is currently Director of European Operations at Cryos International.