Inge Kormelink, CEO at Tambre fertility clinic Madrid, was born in the Netherlands and started her professional education at the University of Applied Sciences by obtaining her BBA in Economics; where she specialised in International Management & Marketing and graduated cum laude.

In addition she obtained 3 Masters Degrees; International Management at the “Ecole superior de commerce” Business University in France, Digital Marketing at the Alicante University in Spain and an additional Masters in Strategic Management. After completing her studies she went on to work for several multinational companies and start-ups in 5 European countries, before starting in fertility in 2012 to introduce the local clinic IVF Spain abroad. Inge is a former IVF patient herself, so not only as a professional but also based on her own experience, was able to reach out to the patients in the whole of Europe. As Head of Strategies & Policies, she directed and managed commercial policy; created marketing and communication plans and was responsible for monitoring market trends and developments.

Despite heavy competition with over 300 fertility clinics in Spain alone, she introduced the clinic into 10 European countries; increasing its market share substantially to become one of the main players in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field in less than six years. Inge has forged strong relationships and developed collaborative work with leading clinics and stakeholders within the European fertility field which have been built on solid marketing and effective online strategies. As a consequence she was recently offered the position as a CEO of TAMBRE fertility clinic Madrid; a perfect example of a growing fertility clinic offering a high standard of patient care combined with cutting edge technology and treatment provided by experienced and qualified professionals.